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This SPECIAL Computer Cupholder will protect your keyboard!
Watch the Amazing Adjustable Drinkholder in action.
The Computer Computer is available only in beige. 
  • Adjusts to hold containers 8 ounces to 32 ounces.
  • Use ANY glass, mug, or cup.  Don't worry about a special glass!

How it works

Folds flat when is not being used.
Hit it...Bump it.....Push it!
......it will not move... will not tip over !!
  • Special base -prevents it from moving when in use.
  • Remains stable on ANY flat surface.

If you want to move it, simply lift the edge of the base
Computer cupholder is only available in beige. 
If  you prefer your cupholder to plain beige plastic,
without the FUN 'retro' computer disk look, just let us know! 
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