How the Computer Cup Holder Works
Base of the Computer CupHolder is a
patented suction pad system
not a suction cup or one of those non slip material pads.
This unique suction system pad sticks to  a clean smooth flat surface and
prevents the movement & tipping of The Computer CupHolder 

No marks on desk! No adhesive! No residue!

Keep the pad and the surface clean and you are ..Spill Free
 #1  Place the Computer CupHolder on a
horizontal smooth flat  surface
of the Desk Top or Table Top.
#2 To open Computer  Cup Holder
Flip up the top/cover of the
DeskTop Cupholder completely
#3 Activate Computer Cup Holder
suction system by pressing center of the cork coaster
#4 Lock Computer Cup Holder OPEN
by simply pressing  on the  support leg with your finger tip. Test it by trying to fold the door down
#5 Flip Computer Cup Holder adjustable arms out and up  then adjust arms to fit size of beverage  container.
NOTE: It is important to hold the Computer CupHolder adjusting arms in the back section of the arms when pulling them apart or when closing them.
The front round part of  arms are very thin, not as thick as the back part !
Stop the Spill
How it works

Special Price:
$ 29.95

plus shipping
The Computer Computer is available only in beige.